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our spa

The idea of ​ a natural spa began with the interest shown by my daughter for organic and natural products, whether for consumption or application. It is when we began to investigate and we got to know the reality of conventional products and the damage that little by little they do to our health. Due to these studies we learned that everything you apply to your body can have consequences because artificial chemicals are absorbed by your body and many of them go to the bloodstream and vital organs intoxicating us or creating more severe damage to our body. That is why we chose to create a different way of taking care of our body. Aware of the growing demand of  more and more informed and demanding customer, who flee from chemical and artificial products. Kalied Spa pursues the philosophy of offering a different experience with the best treatments and the highest levels of quality of its organic and natural products. We managed to open this spa with the help of God to give our clients quality care how they deserve it and putting our best service for the good of their health.

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